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London Budget Tips

If you are travelling on a budget, here is our compressive guide to exploring London on limited funds. Find out about accommodation, places of visit and things to do.
Top 15 ways to travel in London on a budget

You may be looking for ways to cut down extra costs in your trip to London, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Especially, if you, like most people, are working within a tight budget. With so many things to see and do in this popular and exciting city, you may feel a little lost about how to do so much with so little. Donít let this spoil your trip though, as we offer you tips on how to enjoy your vacation in London with a limited budget. Read our top 15 budget tips on London for more information.
Itís always good to book early as ticket prices are on the rise and you need to be sure of getting a ticket.
Most overseas travellers favour the summer months of June to September because of school vacations and warmer weather. However, by avoiding the summer peak season, and going in Winter, Spring or Fall you can get cheaper flights and save a lot on air fare. Winter weather can be cold and wet, so our advise would be for you to take your vacation in Spring (April- May) as you can appreciate the beauty of the lovely London countryside and gardens.
It may be cheaper for you to book online as you can compare the various packages on offer and pick the best deals as well as airlines offering web-based services with a lower overhead cost for them, resulting in lower ticket price.
If youíre a student be sure to ask for student discounts, as you can save lots through this, even if its not advertised.
It may be cheaper for you to travel as a group, as tour operators get discounts on volumes on combined airfare and accommodation expenses and this means that you can get group discounts.
Avoid traveling by black cabs and minicabs as they can be expensive (minicabs being cheaper than black cabs though). Instead use the bus or train. If you intend to make more than three tube trips or four bus trips a day then it would be cheaper for you to buy a travelcard - daily, weekly, or monthly.
Make use of the free entrance to Museums such as the National Gallery, Victoria and Albert, Imperial War Museum, The Tate, Tate Modern, British Library, London Cartoon Gallery, RIBA Architecture Gallery, British Museum, , Museum of Childhood, lean more about the culture of this great city.
Save by buying a ticket to attractions like the Tower, Hampton Court, in combination with a train ticket or pass.
Save loads of money on food by buying cheap lunches at your local Tesco, Asda-Walmart, M&S Foods and Sainsbury's supermarkets and eating in your hotel room or cooking your own snacks.
Save loads of money on food by buying cheap lunches at your local Tesco, Asda-Walmart, M&S Foods and Sainsbury's supermarkets and eating in your hotel room or cooking your own snacks.
Avoid hotels if you need to find cheap lodging. Hostels, Bed & Breakfast, apartments for rent are much cheaper accommodation than staying at a hotel. Of course, you may not receive the same facilities as in a hotel but these are comfortable enough and the price will make a huge difference in your budget.
Make sure you drop into an official tourist office as you can then get information about any seasonal offers, events and other such useful information.
If you are over 65 years then make use of senior discounts on tube tickets, airfare, car fares, hotels etc.
Take a walking tour of London city or get a guide to take you around London on a walking tour. You can see many of Londonís attractions at an affordable fee, or if you prefer to just sit back and look around hop on a public bus and enjoy the view.
Extra baggage can be expensive as airlines will charge you quite a bit for it, not to mention the inconvenience of traveling with it on public transport.

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