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Get to where you want to be with the various cabs and taxi services offered in London. Use our directory to contact any one of them.
Transport and the commute have always been a necessity when getting to and fro from where you are and where you want to be. In London, the black cabs or hackney carriages are the only licensed taxis that offer commuting services, in comfort and style.

Previously, these taxies which were only black in colour, have been revolutionised to make room for advertisements, and are colourful and attractive. Some would say that travelling in a black cab is cheaper when in a group, and definitely a worthwhile experience as sightseeing in London is a breeze in the calm of the taxi.

When you want to hail a cab, look out for a little yellow light which appears on the windscreen and grab a taxi to indulge in London travel, exploring the many landmarks and attractions. A sight only seen in London, these iconic cabs are at times considered a "must-do" when sightseeing in London.

Apart from the Black Cabs, London is also home to Minicabs which are only available through prior booking. These licenses private hire vehicles offer the choices of limousines, luxury vehicles or even the standard black cab. The minicabs which present more room are at times a preferred option due to the space provision. However, the fare should be decided upon, prior to the journey as they are not metered like the black cabs.

With many precautions and safety measures taken into consideration and recommended, a few pointers should be kept in mind when travelling around in a taxi in London. Things like avoiding taking a minicab in the night (it's safer to hail a black cab, as minicabs need to be booked in advance), arranging a safe word between the minicab operator to ensure that the right person is taking your hire, knowing that the driver knows your name and destination, as well as always sitting in the back and ensuring your mobile phone is working properly.

Another great service provided is the Ladies Mini Cabs, which as the service goes, "by women for women". Being an admirable service for ladies especially in the night, it's not only safe but it's assured of its feminine exclusivity.

Take a ride in the iconic Black cabs, or utilise the services of the mini cabs whenever you need to travel around the city, or even indulge in London sightseeing. Their services are not only above par, but enjoyable and restful.

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