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A great way to commute, find the routes which the busses in London take. Use our informative guide for more info.
Iconic sights in London are the red double-decker busses which roam the streets filled with commuters and tourists in search of destinations and attractions. Managed by a company called TfL (Transport for London), these red icons, are not only convenient for commuting but also, present a stylish way to explore the greatness that is London.

When commuting in the city on these London busses, a commuter should know that the city is divided into six zones. As you pass the beyond the zones, the fee or fare increases accordingly. Commuters are always advised to make sure that they know the route they are headed for and which zones they hope to pass through.

Travelling in London is considered an everyday deed, but one must keep in mind a few details, such as the following.
When travelling at night, keep your eyes open for the Night Busses which have their bus signs marked with an “N”, and operate from 11:30pm to 6:00am, during which the underground services are inactive.
When in London and travelling by bus, a commuter will require a bus pass. These passes which are provided on a weekly and monthly basis are ideal for unlimited travel in the city of London. But, some consider the purchase of London Travelcard as it would offer a better deal, as well could be used on the Underground as well as the busses in London
The Visitorcards are a popular option between tourists. Purchasable outside the United Kingdom, these cards which do not require photographic evidence, can be used both in busses as well as the underground. Also, they provide special discounts at some of the famed tourist sites in the city.
Taking into consideration the population percentile which requires special assistance, London buses come with low-floor, this allowing for commuters with disabilities for easy London travel.

To make sure you’re going the right way and to the right destination, make sure you take a look at the transport map which is available freely at any underground station, or even at the London Transport website. Hop onto a London red bus and take a journey that is iconic and considered fondly by many.

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